Dr. Russell L. Blaylock states in his monthly newsletter at www.blaylockreport.com the following vital information:

"Urgent from: Russell Blaylock, M.D.

I was hoping to update you on approaches you can take to deal with this virus. Considering the national health emergency,  I am sending you today steps you can take to keep yourself and your family healthy.  Research shows these things outlined below are the most powerful ways to protect yourself.  Keep in mind that the major cause of death in COVID-19 cases, as well as influenza, is the cytokine storm, which is a very destructive, hyperintense immune reaction that persists long after the virus is eliminated.  The lungs are literally destroyed by the person’s own immune system and not the virus itself.

Here are 5 steps I advise you to take to supplement your diet:

  1. Beta-glucan:Take 500mg once a day for three days in a row and then after that twice a week — once on Monday and again on Friday. Take on an empty stomach and eat nothing for 45 minutes afterwards. Do this until this "crisis" passes. If you are ill with the virus, continue this until you feel well for a week, then take the beta-glucan once a week, every week. Immune stimulation can also improve immunity in the highest-risk patients, such as elderly with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, hypertension, and cancer.
  2. Astragalus:Take one 500mg capsule twice a day with a meal. For known infections, take two capsules twice to three times a day. This is a powerful immune stimulator for anti-viral immunity and it powerfully inhibits the cytokine storm.
  3. Nano-curcumin:Take two 500mg capsules three times a day if exposed to an infected person and one capsule three times a day with meals otherwise. This is a very powerful protectant against cytokine storm, the phenomenon that kills people from the virus and flu viruses. Careful research shows that it dramatically blocks the pathological damage by cytokine storm reactions and also powerfully prevents post-infection pulmonary fibrosis.
  4. Nano-vitamin C: If one is exposed to an infected person, take two capsules three times a day. If sick, take five capsules four times a day. Just for protection, otherwise, one capsule three times a day. If you are getting sick, take four capsules four times a day. The illness usually last only one or at most two days and then you recover.
  5. Vitamin D3: Take 5000 IUa day every day with food. This plays a big role in reducing COVID-19 infections. Most elderly (more than 80%) are severely deficient in vitamin D3. Keeping them indoors makes this even worse.
  6. EGCG: There is a new nano-EGCG which can be taken as one capsule twice a day with a meal if you are exposed to an infected person or if you become sick. EGCG and resveratrol (pterostilbene) both have antiviral properties in that they block entry of certain viruses into cells."

     Beta 1,3- Glucan is by far the most effective natural anti-viral I have ever seen.  I have recommended it for several years now and the results have been amazing!  C. Rogers, R.N. of Brandon, MS had this to say: "I had the shingles for a week.  They were wet and very painful.  I took two Beta 1,3- Glucan 600mg on an empty stomach one evening.  The next morning they were dried up and I was pain free!  I was amazed!" 

    We have had substantial results with influenza, and other types of infections.  I personally developed a high fever one evening two years ago.  I took two Beta 1,3- Glucan on an empty stomach and went to bed.  The next morning I felt great and went to work!  I generally recommend one 600mg capsule twice weekly for general prevention and immunity.  If you feel sick, have fever, start coughing or the like, immediately take two 600mg caps on an empty stomach and continue to do so each day until you are well.  In our current pandemic situation, I think Dr. Blaylock's recommendation of one capsule daily for 3 days at first and then switching to one capsule twice per week is definitely warranted.

   I believe Beta 1,3- Glucan is by far the most promising natural supplement for preventing the virus that is plaguing our nation.  Adding the synergistic supplements that Dr. Blaylock recommended such as ECGC, Astragalus, and NAC (N-Acetylcysteine) will hopefully make it even more effective!  In an effort to help my family and friends stay healthy and prevent this deadly virus, I compounded a product called Immuno-Max 19®, based on Dr. Blaylock's recommendations.

    I was able to overnight the ingredients last Friday due to the diligent help of my supplier Melanie. My pharmacy tech, Lauren, worked all day Saturday, and my sons Cayman and Zane helped all day Sunday and we were able to bottle and label 152 bottles by Monday morning.  Zane helped me prepare 152 gift bags each with one bottle of ImmunoMax-19®, a bottle of Sustained-Release Vitamin C and one bottle of Vitamin D3 5000iu.  We delivered or shipped all of the bags to friends, customers, and acquaintances free of charge.

    My pharmacy has been a true blessing for my family and I over the past 20+ years and I wanted to do what I could to give back and create even a small positive impact in the wake of this deadly pandemic virus.  My good friend Richard Roberts shocked me when he gave me a $1000.00 check and stated "I want to be on board with that! I want you to buy more and get it out to as many people as possible!"  Well Richard started a trend that I am really proud to be a part of!  I am proud to see how strangers are pulling together to help in any way they can!  Because of his idea, I decided to give all of the ImmunoMax-19® away free to as many people as possible.  Until we run out or can't obtain any more!

   I pray it will be as effective for this virus as I have seen it work with other viruses.  With Dr. Blaylock's recommendation for the synergistic ingredients in ImmunoMax-19®, and especially when combined with the other supplements he recommended such as curcumin and high dose Vitamin C and Vitamin D3, I truly believe we can prevent many from even being infected, and prevent many of the ones that are infected from being added to the fatality list!

   Due to the generosity of Richard and Ginny Roberts, Charlie Peoples, Don and Carol Rigdon, and especially Mrs. Patti Wood of Rising Star, Texas, I have been able to buy and compound more supplies of ImmunoMax-19® that we will provide totally free of charge to those infected in central Mississippi (and Rising Star, Texas).  If you have a family member, friend, coworker, or acquaintance that has the virus, (especially the elderly) please send ALL of their personal and medical information along with confirmation that they can and will take it exactly as directed to tim@specialtyrx.comWe will ship ImmunoMax-19® totally free of charge and I will also supply as many of the other recommended supplements to as many patients as I can.

  The only thing we ask is that you promise to provide feedback, good or bad, on a regular basis.  If it helps at all for any of the patients, we will accept donations by check at any Community Bank of MS made out to KEEP MISSISSIPPI HEALTHY!   Amanda at the Spillway Branch (601) 203-2500 will monitor the account and issue checks only to suppliers for product or shipping costs only.  Funds will only be used to send out more ImmunoMax-19®.  Please do NOT write a check to me or Specialty Pharmacy, Inc.   

Proud to be a compounding pharmacist in Mississippi, U.S.A.,

Timothy D. Rigdon, R.Ph 03/31/2020


Serving size: 1 Capsule
Suggested use: As a dietary supplement, take once or twice daily, or as directed by a healthcare care professional.

Ingredient Amount per serving %DV
Beta 1,3 Glucan 70% 600mg *
* Daily value not established    

Other ingredients: Gelatin Capsule



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