Wrinkle Cream #9

--Mentioned by Dr.Blaylock of the Blaylock Wellness report, which is read by thousands monthly!--

The leading cause of aging of the skin is chronic exposure to sunlight. This includes not only repeated sunburns but even short exposure to the rays of the sun during outdoor excursions. It is known that both forms of UV light (UV-A and UV-B) damage the various cells of the skin, including the collagen and elastin fibers that give body and elasticity to the skin. It does this by forming free radicals deep in the layers of our skin. The normal antioxidants within the skin help neutralize these free radicals, but it is now known that even after a relatively short exposure to the sun’s rays, these skin antioxidants are quickly depleted, leaving the skin vulnerable to damage that can lead to rapid ageing of the skin, brown spots, and even skin cancer. Recent research has shown that these antioxidants can be restored to the deep layers of the skin by topical application. Several manufacturers of skin creams add small amounts of one or two of these vitamins to their products. We have gone far beyond that. In our research, we have discovered that protecting the skin and restoring its vigor depends not only on the usual antioxidant vitamins but also on other nutrients and plant chemicals called flavonoids. The name of this wondrous skin treatment system came from the fact that it took 9 specific formulations before we were able to produce the perfect balance of ingredients to maximize the protection and rejuvenation of your skin. Wrinkle Cream #9® promotes healing the skin from its deepest layers and protects all of the various components of the skin.

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