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Ultra VMT is our BEST Multi-Vitamin for both men and women. It is a premium and potent multi containing 100mg/mcg of most all the B-Vitamins to help with energy, brain, Homocysteine Levels, and more! Most importantly, this potent multi is Sustained-Release so that it slowly releases over the course of...
Highest absorbable form of Nano Curcumin 95% Extract derived from Turmeric with the volatile oils and turmerones from the turmeric maintained which drastically increases absorption from the GI and into cells.
Bio-Sorb® Lecithin Enhance the absorption of all our fat-soluble supplements such as:  NuJoints® Anti-Aging Formula-X Arthritis Triple Stack Advanced Curcumin Quercetin Many more fat-soluble supplements
Our Vitamin D  is Vitamin D3, not D2.  It is in a gelcap, not capsule, that is already dissolved in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as opposed to many that use the N-6 oils that clog your arteries.  It's superior absorption is proven again and again by the 1000's of before...


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